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    Took mum here for bday dinner #hellofthenorth #fitzory

    Took mum here for bday dinner #hellofthenorth #fitzory

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Australian Open - Stan Wawrinka & Li NaRoland Garros - Rafael Nadal & Maria SharapovaWimbledon - Novak Djokovic & Petra KvitovaUS Open - Marin Cilic & Serena Williams

    Australian Open - Stan Wawrinka & Li Na
    Roland Garros - Rafael Nadal & Maria Sharapova
    Wimbledon - Novak Djokovic & Petra Kvitova
    US Open - Marin Cilic & Serena Williams

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    Eyyyy ok, Giveaway time for this guy. I want to keep him but I really shouldn’t be making more plushies. 

    He’s made of cuddle fleece, has vinyl scales and adjustable wings. I’m not taking commissions for this guy right now, so this is probably your only chance to get a plush like this from me. (unless you’re willing to pay a lot of money ahaaahahahah but really)

    Giveaway rules

    -Like and reblogs

    -If INTL winner, must be able to pay a shipping fee

    -Winner will be contacted via ask box 

    -Don’t have to follow me to win

    -Giveaway ends Sept. 30th at 11PM EST


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    I have to say 2014 is shaping up to be the world’s shittiest year

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    Anonymous said: your fav childhood memory?


    Not paying bills